How to Make Dinner Decisions Less Stressful

Pardon the interruption, but I’m taking a break from my normal posts because there’s something so exciting brewing at my house I just had to let you in on it.

You might know that Jackie, my wife, helps busy professionals lose weight and revitalize their energy even when they don’t have time to work out or eat healthy.

Well this Thursday at 8:30pm EST she’s hosting a FREE training call that will help you quickly and easily answer, “What’s for dinner?” with healthy meals you feel good about and your family loves to eat.

On this FREE training call you’ll learn our best secrets for:

  • Easing dinner time stress and anxiety without hiring personal chef
  • Creating meals you family loves that you feel great about serving
  • How to serve a nutritious meal even when you’re running late


These are tools you can implement immediately the food in your pantry and fridge right now.  (Seriously, I told her not to give away so much good stuff, but she said you have to have this info.)

You’ll might be surprised to hear this, but a few years ago, I dreaded talking with Jackie about dinner.

See, I work from home, so I make dinner. But I only eat dinner with the family a few days a week.  So I would call Jackie at work and ask her was she wanted for dinner. She would typically say, “It doesn’t matter.” (Which guys know really means, “I want you to read my mind.”) Sometimes we could decide easily, but a lot of times we argued or just had whatever was easy (read: eggs or pizza). These conversations would leave us both frustrated.

Eventually we decided we’d had enough of this game and developed a strategy. And it was so simple!

On Thursday’s call Jackie will share exactly how we went from dinnertime stress to dinnertime success.

Reserve your spot on the life call here:

And don’t worry if you can’t make the live call on Thursday. Register anyway and she’ll send you a complete recording after the call.

Oh, and if you happen to know someone else who’d love to make dinner an event to look forward to feel free to forward this post to them. This stuff is too good to share.


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