Micro, Macro and the Cost of Kindness

Some philosophies describe methods to use ourselves (bodies and minds) to better understand the universe and our place in it.  There is credibility to that line of thought as it has been around for a long time.  With that in mind as I sit watching the news with stories about disease, obesity and hyper tension being all the rage (internal) and unrest and strife throughout the world (external) on the rise it seems that the internal unrest and external unrest are mirroring each other.
What does that mean and what can be done about it?  The answer that springs to mind is; make a positive impact each day and let it spread across the globe.  And how is that done?  The same way we make a negative impact.  Start small, set an example and others will follow.  That will lead to a trend and off it goes.

Eastern thought has long taught that our intentions and actions create ripples in the world much like a pebble thrown into a lake.  If we want “good” to be spread, we do “good.”  If we do “bad” then “bad” will spread.  Good and bad; those labels are for another time.  But for the sake of this line of thought, “good” is roughly defined as a positive impact or act, and “bad” as one that causes harm or negative impact.


This metaphor is straight forward and pretty well accepted.  So what stops us from doing good and spontaneously causing world peace and bliss to come about?  That is the big question.  Why do we do things that are harmful to others and in a round-about way harmful to ourselves?  Are we self-destructive?  I don’t think so.  Short sighted, perhaps.  Bombarded by influences that steer us in a direction that is less than optimal; certainly.

There was a speaker presenting at a media event stated “The truth doesn’t matter.  What matters is the truth I tell you.”  Perhaps it is this type of thinking that gets to us.  How do we keep it at bay and not give in to the pressure?

I am not sure there is one single answer.  I think it depends on each person and how much they want to make a positive impact.  I have met people in my life that would take advantage of every situation for their personal gain and thought it even better if someone else suffered in the process; and they were proud of that.  Others I have met didn’t know how to make a change or felt daunted by the task.  Others spent their time planning to change.  I have also been lucky enough to meet people who have a positive influence whatever the situation they are in.

For me, no planning will ever prepare me for making this kind of life change.  You just decide one day; with all the sincerity in your heart; and then you make little changes, one day at a time.  You will make mistakes, slip up and fall down.  The key is to get up and keep a positive mind set and keep moving forward.

buddha statue

Sometimes it is easier to think of one-self than to think of others.  But once you truly want to start on that difficult path, you will find others.  With support and guidance, you will make a positive impact every day.  And that will help you find balance in yourself.  And even if you don’t feel or see it every day, it will help move the world in a more positive direction.


Not sure?  Give it a try.  Over the next week, every day, do one act of kindness without consideration that it might ever be repaid.  Then see how you feel.  Not just when you do it, but after and in between.  Kindness begets kindness and happiness.  All it takes to show a little kindness is effort and intention.


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