Sounds easy (I couldn’t resist) enough to do.  But how much time do you spend really listening?  Not just to others, but to yourself and your own intuitive voice.

Listening to others (commonly called active listening) is a great way to really engage with another person (or people) and really interact with them in a way that allows them to feel heard, appreciated and understood.  If you have never done it, I sincerely recommend you try it.

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Listening to oneself isn’t always the easiest thing to do either.  Technology, other people, competitive nature, work and so many other distractions abound.  I have seen people who either don’t know how or who refuse to listen to their bodies push themselves too far too fast and end up injured.  I have seen it in runners, martial artists and even yoga students (aren’t they supposed to be mellow?).

Image courtesy of Hartwig HKD h.koppdelaney \ flickr.

Image courtesy of Hartwig HKD h.koppdelaney \ flickr.

The good news is that those two have triggers to remind us to tune in and listen.  There are books, exercises and classes that teach people how to become active listeners.  Listening to ourselves can be learned through mentoring, guided meditation, or the school of hard knocks (I knew I shouldn’t have done that, but I didn’t listen and then….).

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How do we listen to that intuitive voice?  As I have grown with my meditation practice, odd things have happened; dietary changes, outlook changes and even health changes.  Another one to add to that list is a change in my ability to tune in to my inner intuitive voice (i.e. the universe, deity of choice, other).

Sadly I have yet to develop psychic powers or telekinesis or teleportation powers (no more baggage fees ever!).  What I have developed is an ability to listen and trust my innate intuitive nature.  I’m not predicting storms, earthquakes or lottery numbers, not even close.  What I do get is an insight into the little things that make my life easier, if I listen.

One example is that I was working out one day, and a friend asked if I would go to lunch.  I replied that I had to go home so that I could go to the grocery store.  My wife usually does the shopping, but in that moment, that little voice said I needed to go that day.  I ended my work out early and headed home.  Sure enough, there was an emergency at my wife’s office and she had to deal with it, so I did indeed need to go to the grocery store.  But I had no reason to know that and yet I did.

It’s very easy to ignore that little voice.  I have done it many times.  But I’m learning that it is better to listen and trust that voice.  I don’t always get to know why the intuition nudges me one way or another.  But I have learned to trust it because each time I get to know, it is for a good reason.

One word of warning though, the intuition doesn’t come with a manual.  Sometimes that hint from intuition requires a little interpretation.  As you feel your way around the intuitive maze, remember to be compassionate with yourself and others.  It is a learning experience and a wild ride.  Enjoy the ride, bumps and all; it is more than worth it, and who knows where it will lead.

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