Drew Vanover.  Tae Kwon Do Master, Yogi, life enthusiast.  Meditation is a great passion in my life and I have benefited from it greatly.  I have had some great mentors who have helped me on my journey.

This blog is me sharing my insights through the lens of my experiences.  I will be guilty of some sweeping generalizations.  I will also dive into details too minute to be believed.  And sometimes, I will ask that you come with me on a stream of consciousness ride down various rabbit holes.

I want to offer this blog as a source of inspiration, insight, resources and guides and yes, humor when it comes to meditation.

I have come to meditation first as a marital artist, then added to that experience as a yoga practitioner.  As I have grown over the years, meditation has helped me to piece together changes, insights and other odd happenings in my life.  As a result, I am far happier with my life.  I have a better outlook and I am bothered less as things out of my control have their way with me.

These benefits, and others are worth sharing.  They are worth encouraging others to try.  They are worth setting aside time and effort to act and hopefully inspire others to take a step on this path and see what awaits them.

So with that said I invite you to follow along, add positive comments and feedback, share with friends and most importantly find the inspiration to act.


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